Guidesman knife how to close

There are four different types of locking mechanisms that I can think of off hand. The liner locking system was developed by custom knife maker Michael Walker inthis one is very common for people who do not use a knife that much, to get stumped on how to close it. Where the blade was tucked into the handle before you opened it look and you should see a thin piece of metal that is bent in towards the center of the knife.

That thin piece of metal is stopping the blade from closing. Just push that piece of metal with your thumb to be strait and carefully close the knife. Here are some links to knives that are liner locks to give you an idea of what this type of knife looks like. Now if that does not work then next could be that you have a "lock back" knife.

On the back of the handle will be a long metal "button".

guidesman knife how to close

Be careful of your fingers when closing a folding knife, some blades are loose swinging and as soon as the blade is unlocked it can swing down and hit your finger. Another would be the sliding button type of lock but I don't think you would have any problem figuring out how to close that one. Here is an example photo of that kind of knife. And the last one that I can think of as of right now is an automatic knife or also know as a switchblade.

With that you just press the button back in again to release the blade and I don't think that is the kind of knife that you have but here is another example picture. Oh yeah, some automatic knives have hidden buttons that you can't see or parts of the knife that slide that will release the blade.

Here is an example switchblade knife that has a wood handle and the wood flexes down at one part of the knife and triggers the release of the blade. Your knife is known as a "lock blade. Although it probably doesn't look like a button or lever.

The most common place is on the opposite end from where the blade hinges. There may be a place on the back of the knife the skinny edge where you can press on the rib that runs from the blade to the opposite end of the knife.

Be careful! Do not put a lot of pressure on the blade! Otherwise, you may give yourself a memorable cut. Remember, if you do it the right way, it should take almost NO effort to fold the blade closed.

How to Close a Switchblade

There is either a bar at the rear of the handle that when pushed will cause the blade to drop down or a small metal lever at the base of the blade that springs over and holds the blade in place when opened. You must push this lever to the side and the blade will drop. Trending News.Switchblades come in different shapes and sizes, but most fall into one of two categories. With an out-the-front, or OTF, switchblade, the blade pops out of the handle automatically when a lever is pushed or pulled or a button is depressed.

A side out switchblade requires the user to manually open the blade part of the way until a spring mechanism takes over to open it fully and lock it in place. With both categories of switchblade, the method of sheathing the blade is the same.

Push or pull the button or lever to return the knife to a locked position when the blade is sheathed. Dan Komienski began writing profesionally in He has written for thecircumference.

Komienski's playwriting has appeared in Toronto's Fringe and Summerworks theater festivals. His experience in the real estate, travel and gaming industries informs his non-fiction writing.

By: Dan Komienski Updated April 12, Share It. Push or pull the button or lever that controls the locking mechanism. Push the dull side so the knife folds inward toward the handle. Check your state laws and regulations before acquiring a switchblade.Last Updated: October 24, References.

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How To Close a Pocket Knife

This article has been viewed 66, times. Learn more Are you breaking your fingernails and cursing each time you attempt to open your knife? Well, it's time to fix that stiff knife, keep your fingernails intact and ensure that those around you hear nothing but silence.

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guidesman knife how to close

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guidesman knife how to close

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Tightness or stiffness in a knife comes from several sources and each needs to be handled a slightly different way. The typical causes are: Rust or aging, goop stuck on the knife, friction and tight hinges.

Each of these is explored in the methods below, providing a solution for you to try. Method 1 of Check to see what color the blade or hinges are.

Does the blade or hinge look slightly orange? Or even slightly powdery or white? This could be caused by the metal in the knife oxidizing to the point of the blades adhering to the casing or each other.

If the knife has only metal parts, simply give it a good soaking in a mineral oil. Then, buff it clean in a day or two. Once you've done this, keep the knife oiled from then on. If the knife has non-metal parts, your job will be trickier. In this case, the metal parts need a good soak without getting the rust removal fluid on the non-metal parts. You can do this by masking the area off with tape, by using tiny brushes or "Q-tips", etc.

Repeat several times over the course of a week, buffing the rust and working the oil into the hinge s.But, let's not leave you in the dark any longer.

The slip joint lock is the easiest to close, just by applying pressure on the back of the blade you can close this type of pocket knife.

In general this type of lock is used on a classic style folding knife, such as Case Knives or an Old Timer. I would not recommend a knife that utilizes this lock type for anything heavy duty. For example, if you stab a block of wood any upward force that may be applied by your hand can be enough to close the blade when the tip hits the wood. This lock is also pretty easy to operate, but let me explain what a frame lock is and also how to close it.

A frame lock is just like it sounds, a portion of the outside frame is used to hold the blade in the open position. This occurs when the blade gets to a fully deployed state, then the frame pops in behind the back of the blade preventing it from being closed. Once you get used to a frame lock, one handed operation is pretty simple and very quick. Liner locks are similar to frame locks, but rather than a part of the outside frame holding the blade open, a part of the inner liner pops in behind the blade tang to hold it open.

The scales are machines out of different types of materials like G10 or FRN and are then attached to the liner via torx screws a majority of the time. When the blade is deployed, the liner moves into place behind the blade preventing it from closing down accidentally. With your thumb push the tab of the liner toward the outside scale. Once completely free of the tang the blade is now free to close.

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A popular liner lock knife that I would highly recommend would be the Spyderco Tenacious. How a lockback knife works has a little more ingenuity built into it. Along the top of the handle is a metal spine that has a part that locks into a notch on the back of the blade. Pressure is applied to the spine by a spring that helps the spine locked into the notch preventing the knife from closing unexpectedly.

This is a very strong and safe lock, however it can be a bit difficult the operate with a single hand. Watch out toes!!! When you are ready to close the knife, there is a finger cut out on the top side of the handle that lets you press down on the spine.Last Updated: April 14, References Tested.

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How do you close a knife?

Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles.The other day my wife went to visit her two sisters, which meant I got to have a father son day with my two boys. So being the great dad I am, I wanted to let them experience the finer things in life.

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It reminds me of a cheap knock off of the Milwaukee Fastback knife. While they are still night and day from each other, it does pose some of the same features such as a push button open. As with the Milwaukee, this pretty much has the same easy access of changing blades. As with the knife, this utility knife has a removable belt clip also. The handle is a little small for those with bigger hands, but still easy to work with. All in all if you are around a Menards, I would recommend picking one of these up.

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guidesman knife how to close

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